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Dolphin Microstim & MPS Pain Therapy

A new approach for the management of chronic pain is now available with our spa services.

Pain, especially chronic pain, can be an incredibly debilitating condition. It is one of the most unpleasant
experiences for any human being to endure. Pain is the number one reason why most people seek the
attention of a physician or therapist.

The Dolphin Microstim is specifically designed for the treatment of chronic/acute soft tissue pain. The
Dolphin, is safe to use and it provides a safer, faster and noninvasive alternative to acupuncture. It is a
"needleless" form of acupuncture. 


​​This relaxing total body massage uses various massage techniques with light to medium pressure that will ease muscle tension, improve overall skin/muscle tone, increase circulation, relax the body and soothes sore muscles.


Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy.  Smooth, polished basalt lava stones are heated and incorporated into a massage.  The perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and ease tension.


This massage offered as pre-activity or post-activity massage, can help prepare your body to function at peak efficiency or help to relax and recover after a strenuous workout.


This massage uses deep pressure techniques in specific areas of the back and neck to relieve muscle tension and reduce chronic pain.


Used for centuries as a means to promote healing and relaxation, massage has been raised to a fine art by modern practitioners.  Our professional therapists have been trained to provide all the services offered to meet our clients individual needs.

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